Does Skinny Fiber work ?

First of all, i have to admit, that i´m currently using Skinny Fiber, so i can tell first hand to the subject if Skinny Fiber does work.

And please, all the following statements are my personal opinions, i´m not a doctor, if you´ve got questions about your personal health issues, please contact your doctor for appropriate medical advise !

So, does Skinny Fiber really work ?

From my point of view, i only can answer with YES, for me it does !

90 days compared

This is me, between the to pics are just 5 weeks, 5 weeks and in this time there were christmas, new year and a birthday party….i´m so proud of it ! I don´t excercise much, to be real, i should, but i´m walking the dog at least once a day…:-)

I´m taking two capsules twice a day, before my biggest meals, i try to take them half an hour before the meal, but sometimes i fail at that, i´m drinking much more water instead of coffee, very healthy..;-)…and try to make better choices with my food.

Skinny Fiber side effects

The first 2-3 days I had a problem with bloating and gas, but that was all, what happened!

My knees stop hurting so much and i´m in a better mood, my hubby loves that Skinny Fiber side effects most !

So, what about Skinny fiber weight loss ?

You can tell, i HAVE lost weight, and not only a few pounds ! I don´t know about you and your body, your story, but for me it did work. The only thing i deeply regret at the moment is, that i´ve taken the first pic too late….i´ve been on Skinny Fiber for 3 weeks, before i started to believe in the product. I was sooooo sceptical ! So, do yourself a favour, in case you give it a try, take the pic and the measuring the first day your touching it!

My daughter will start her weight loss journey in a month, she will do video updates and comments so you can take part in her story as well ! Hopefully some of you are brave and will share some weight loss experiences here too, i would be so glad !

O, by the way, in case you want to check out Skinny Fiber, feel free to click on the link for more informations, it comes with a full money back guarantee for the empty bottle for 30 days.

Find out, if Skinny Fiber really works….:-)

Love to stay in touch, feel free to ask or leave a comment, or you can reach me personally at [email protected], i will be glad to answer and help.

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11 thoughts on “Does Skinny Fiber work ?

  1. Andrea

    Great Job Janine! Keep on working! Losing weight is not only about losing pounds but about creating new great habits for life! If you’d like to learn a little more and improve your life even more I invite you to visit where you can learn about the nature of different foods and healthy easy cheap recipes!

    • Janine

      Hi, Andrea..thanks for the link to your site, it´s very interesting…:-)…i love healthy recipes and tips for losing weight. Maybe you want to step by our fb-fanpage and have a look at it ? Here is the link:
      Seems we have some interestes in common, would love to here more from you. Have a nice day – Janine

  2. The results speak for themselves. Congratulations for losing some weight and trying out the skinny fiber. It sure does work for you and clears out any objections for someone who might want to try it. That’s a good point to measure at the beginning of a new regime and marvel at the results at the end of trial. Thanks for sharing this

    • Janine

      Margaret, thank you so much for the comment…that´s what i hoped, that people see. I wanted to make clear, that there is a way to lose weight, and that there is something out there that helps you from craving and starving. Everyone wants to be skinny, but for some of us, it´s a very long learningcurve…:-)..if i can help at least one other person to start, to make another try for a healthier life and body, i´m glad. All the best to you – Janine

  3. Great job you are doing here. Colorful site. Great weight loss there. Pictures speak louder than words truely!

  4. Great job. Nice colorful site. Pictures speak a thousand words.

    • Janine

      Thank you so much for the kind words, David, I appreciate that ! It´s a hard journey, but it´s doable…i´ll continue to show my progress.Thanks a lot – Janine

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