Great excercise for overweight people – start with fun!

Currently i stumbled upon a video to learn how to start exercising. I was so happy, because i always wanted to start to do more for my health (who doesn´t..;-) ) but i couldn´t get a starting point.

With no money left for the gym and maybe a little ashamed of my recked body condition i never got started. Now i´ve got a great video at hand, i can start at home in my living room and train there until i´m good enough to do more! And you can too!

Watch her, this is AWESOME:


It´s great for all of us, maybe having no money or time to go to the gym, or don´t know where to leave the kids. The kids can do that too, if they like, you can make it a big fun family game…:-)

One of my friends said spontaneously: Oh, wonderful, i can´t walk outdoors at the moment, because of my allergies! So, that´s perfect for her too, she missed her walking so much.

Do me a favour: If you like this video, share it! Please let other peope take part in this movement to walk for a healthier heart and a healthier life. I´ve started today, not tommorrow…:-)…just because, the ones who say they will start tommorrow, will never start!

Just get started and be committed to do it for 90 days. After that it will have become a habit and you will do it anyway. It´s much more fun and maybe easier to do as you  think. Even if you are just able to do it for 3 minutes, if you do THAT for some days, you can do it 4 or 5 minutes. And in the end you can take the whole challenge.

I´m proud of all of you, who will walk with me, please let me know how it works for you and how much progress you´ve made…:-)

your friend


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