How to lose 20 pounds fast – watch Dorothy´s success !

Dorothy losing pounds

Want to know how to lose 20 pounds fast? Ask Dorothy!

Ok everyone…I am Dorothy and I know this is kinda long to read, but…I finally did my before and after!

My 2nd 90-day challenge is up this Friday…and I am excited!!! I am one of those that the scales don’t show quick drops…but the inches do! My last measure was 17# and 40-1/4″ lost all over my body! YaY!!! Basically I have been on a plateau this 2nd-90 days and haven’t see much more drop than my first 90 days, which is a little discouraging, but maintaining during a plateau to me? I call it a HUGE non-scale victory! The bottom line is…I am a Skinny Fiber-er FOR LIFE! So we’re on to our 3rd challenge!

Like so many others I have used countless weight loss supplements and tried countless food plans to lose the 35# I put on since my husband and I got married (actually we both had 35# to lose since we married). I began watching the posts I saw on FB ( Fans of Skinny-Me ) about Skinny Fiber, but I was a huge skeptic for quite awhile!

Not understanding what it really was about, I saw the pictures as being ‘photo-shopped,’ and didn’t read the comments that went with them. All of that ended when I started reading the testimonies! There was no mistaking that these people were putting themselves out there and being very vulnerable doing so!

I am so thankful that one day I threw caution to the wind and ordered my Skinny Fiber! You see, I was seriously thinking I had a muscular problem coming on and it really scared me, as I literally ached all over, all the time!

And the struggles to get a full nights sleep? You’ve heard it from others…it wears you down! Those two issues are completely gone now…I found out my body was dehydrated and was calling out for water! Well, duh? When you hardly drink water, over time you dehydrate…simple body chemistry, and of course, taking my Skinny Fiber with a bottle of water twice a day and adding more water to that?

I found out the issue was just that…I needed water! I am sleeping thru the night and that is awesome also! But I think the thing I so love is that my body has gone through a detox period using Skinny Fiber and the sluggishness is gone! I have so much energy, I awake fresh and ready to go each and every day!

Ok, maybe these don’t sound like much…but when you drag through each day and don’t know why, and know that the only thing I’ve done differently is take Skinny Fiber faithfully? It’s HUGE to me!!!

My husband has had a serious GERD issue for over 30 years and has been taking Skinny Fiber with me. His GERD is almost gone and that is a huge issue too! The main thing is that I am more than half-way to my goal now of losing 35#…and will probably go for more!

And you know what?
I spent over an hour this morning trying on tops in my closet and found that I can wear about 10 tops that I…couldn’t wear last year!!! (THEY shrunk of course!!! LoL) Seriously, I can wear them again! That’s amazing to me!

So… Saturday I begin my new 3rd-90 challenge and love that my goal is not far off!!

Hey everyone! I tell you this… it’s understandable why you are skeptical about this product… but take it from another skeptic…what do you have to lose but the weight?

The company that produces Skinny Fiber is awesome and has temporarily upped their guarantee from a 30-day empty-bottle to a 90-day empty-bottle money back guarantee!

Go for it, you won’t be sorry!”

Isn´t that great? I´m so proud of Dorothy, i know she will tip her goal, she is unstoppable now, with all that energy…:-D

If you have any further questions about Skinny Fiber, you can read more HERE.

In case you would like to order Skinny Fiber for the best price today ( Buy three – get three for free on top) you can click HERE

Love those before/after stories….:-D…would YOU like to be one of them?


as always your friend





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