Losing weight without a thyroid…that´s so great!

Losing weight Skinny FiberI would love to introduce you to TamTam, one of my teammates. She really is an inspiration to me and all the others out there, struggling to lose weight while dealing with serious healt issues. Here comes her own voice:

Sorry guys, here’s ANOTHER post from ME… I know you must be all getting sick of hearing from me, hehehe, but I cannot help it! I LOVE SKINNY FIBER AND WHAT IT HAS DONE FOR ME!

They say a picture speaks a thousand words… look at the difference in my smile… the first pic it looks forced, like I’m saying hurry up and take the pic, I’m tired already, the second pic I look vibrant, and HAPPY to have my pic taken! I know I am losing slower then most, but as you know I do have some health issues and NOT having a thyroid makes it near IMPOSSIBLE for me to lose ANY weight… but as of today, I am halfway (down 56 lbs) to my weight loss goal!

I have a neckline now, my face is more defined, the back rolls are gone AND you can see the shape in my waste line… just pointing that out for y’all hehe

They say: One year from now you would wish you have started today….and this is so true. Even when you are not losing spectacular amounts of pounds, you ARE able to lose them, maybe slowly, but surely. Skinny Fiber is no magic pill, but it´s a great helper to me and many others.

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Would you like to share your weightloss journey with us? Just send me an email and we will find a way to post it on this blog…especially when you have tips and tricks that have helped you on your way!

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