Motivational quotes for weight loss !

Motivational quotes for weight loss – from me to you…..:-)

1621982_494190000686275_1514735777_n answer closer2 crap2 devil docoffuture eatlesssugar exam fatloss future gain giveaway guts happyfoods i can2 i do inspire jimrohn jogging judgeletthingsgo look back look losefat loveyourself lutherking macdonald magen marilyn massband millionbucks naps negativity 2 newyear nomatter notfat nutritiondense optimism prescription priceprices progress rainbow replica results rulesoflife simplemath skittles slowprogress stress sugaraddiction summerbodies takewhatyouneed the face... vacuum weak winnersOhhhh, I´ve got a new favourite….:-)…..Look here:


i will beat her


What do you think about it ? I REALLY do like it ! I know my “old me” so very well !

Here comes another one of my favourites !

girlsBe good to yourself and tell the negative comitee in your head to sut up and sit down….:-)

We all do our best, the best we can do in this special situation, and when thenpower is back, we are doing better then yesterday !


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