Myths on weight loss – from me to you

erfolgreiche GewichtsabnahmeYesterday i got a message from a friend of mine,talking about weight loss journeys and the obstacles of it. You know the situation, when a good friend, mostly lean and never weighing too much, has an opinion on this topic..:-)..? I really like her, but i was astonished about the ideas she´s got about losing weight. As i´ve found out, there are many myths about weight loss and would love to hear YOUR opinion on it.

So, i answered her message:

My dear friend…..:-)

thank you so much for bothering with my progress, but i think it´not so easy as you might think. We are humans and therefore it´s not like going straightforward from point A to point B. When losing weight you naturally hit a plateau from time to time, regardless how much you want to lose. Sometimes you really just have to watch your portions, but eating less and less is not the solution.

It´s not not only how much you´re eating, it´s about WHAT you´re eating and even WHEN ! Stop eating carbs in the evening might be the difference you need, adding protein is another part…..:-)..Our body is very complex. And it depends on how much you excercise, how often, what are you doing, how much do you weigh and how old are you…?

Low carb is a nice way to start, even for elder people, just because our metabolism doesn´t need so much carbs, when we are getting older, lean proteins are much better. But you need carbs anyway, it´s better to eat or drink them in the morning, maybe a great smoothie, with fruits and grains? Sounds delicious? Then try !…do something about your weight. When you´re doing, what you´ve always done, you will weight, what you´ve always weight !

There is NO magic pill ! Even Skinny Fiber is a helper, a great one for sure, but it´s still my responsibility, what i´m eating and drinking. It´s much easier with than without, but i still need discpline and sometimes i just want to quit ! BUT, for the first time, i´m able to go on, to remember, why i started in the first place….:-)

It sounds so easy, huh? Just change your eating habits and move a bit….I can tell you, it´s the hardest way you can think of. An alcoholic doesn´t need to drink to stay alive, a smoker doesn´t need to smoke to go on….but you always have to eat to be healthy and alive.

Many people are eating carbs, just for one reason: They are cheap ! And they have to eat something ! There is nothing more expensive than buying a lot of organic veggies and fruits, good meat and dark bread….you get the picture?

If you are really interest in reading about how to eat better and understand what happens in your body, maybe you should try a book from Michel Montignac, his new one is called: Get Spaghetti Thin !

But i don´t want to fight with you, it´s just that i´ve heard that stuff over and over again, my whole life through……:-)….i can tell you one thing: There is no person with a higher motivation and a higher discipline, like person on a diet. It´s a cruel battle, not aginst yourself, but against the society.!

I would love all people on this planet to win their battle ! I´ve found my way to do so…maybe you will solve your problems some day too !


Love and hugs,


So, my dear friends and readers, what do you think about it ? What´s your opinion ? I would love to discuss this with you, so, as always, feel free to leave a comment below..:-)…

Wishing you a wonderful day,


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2 thoughts on “Myths on weight loss – from me to you

  1. Mohamed Samir

    A very informative site with a catchy design . I have really enjoyed and bookmarked it . I would prefer that you have email marketing to get valuable knowledge from you.

    • Janine

      Thanks for the compliment, Mohamed….:-)…and yes, you´re right, developing a newsletter and an email submit is the next challenge. I will send you an invitation, when it´s ready to start. Have a wonderful day – Janine

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