Skinny Fiber experiences – Tanya´s diary (3)

So, here we are again ! My wonderful and creative daughter has set up her third video about her week with Skinny Fiber. This time it´s a short one, life had come into her way, like it does sometimes….:-)

But the good news is, things are happening, even when you´re not concentrating on losing weight. Just a bit of portion control, and with the enzymes (all natural), you´re good to go.

She has told me on the phone on friday, that there are 5 cm missing on her waist, she was soooo happy about it ! Can you imagine? 5cm – without starving, without any side effects at all?

That´s sounds so great. But i´m making the same experiences at the moment, not concentrating on a diet, just doing the right things, taking the capsules and making progress – slowly, but surely.

I love my Skinny Fiber, i only wish, i would have found it long time ago…:-)..

You see: ” One year from now, you will wish you have started today !”

I often feel that way, but life is what it is, and losing weight now is great. I´m looking for workout tools now, that a late 40, overweight woman can do without killing herself. Do you have any ideas about that? Please leave a comment below, i would be happy to know your opinion.

As always, if you have any questions, ask, leave a comment, i will be more than happy to help. Have a great day – Janine

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