Skinny Fiber experiences – Tanya´s diary (5)

As i said yesterday, a weight loss journey is not a straight line from point A to point B…..:-)…it´s more like a curve, with ups and downs. So is Tanya´s..she´s at a point in the month, where she´s feeling hungry, mostly for carbs, and eating crap, big portions of crap.

But, she´s lost some weight nonetheless….:-)…and has told me yesterday, it´s getting better. From my experiences, i can say, that with Skinny Fiber i´m in a better mood, much less depressed during this time of the month and can handle my hormonal issues much better ! She´s in it for the first time with Skinny Fiber and it´s getting better, slowly but surely…happy for her !

So, here comes the girl:

I love her video´s and her honesty ! This is no sales pitch, this is an insight journey of a young woman, struggling with her weight and trying to find a way out and have a life during doing that !

Losing weight and feeling good with it is a great part of getting rid of bad eating habits, it´s very motivating, and if you are taking a walk in the sunshine, laugh with friends, have a difficult piece of work finished, all that is wonderful… is wonderful, we all want to be a part of it and not sit on the sidelines, don´t we ?

I would love to see you laughing and watching your weight loss journey ! If you would like to do the same as Tanya, making videos, or sharing a weight loss diary with us, great ! Just send me an email, and i will have a look at it…

As always, fell free to leave a comment below, i wll be more then happy to help you ! When you want to know more about the product Skinny Fiber look HERE

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