Skinny Fiber experiences – Tanya´s diary (6)

So, folks…:-)…after posting the pics yesterday, here´s the new video and a young lady thinking new thoughts! When it´s true, that your thoughts become your actions, she´s on a very good way ! I love watching her taking up the responsibility for her life as well as for her eating habits.

Losing weight is not only about eating different, or eating less. It´s about to stop using food as an emotional cure for an unbalanced life. Whatever the problem is, the answer is not in the fridge !

I can understand her soooo well, just being impatient, hoping, that you´re losing weight fast and looking skinny. A whole industry is living on that hope ! Please, please accept the fact, that it will take time to loose weight. Body, mind and soul will have to rearrange themselves, so there is no jojo effect.

Don´t just try to get skinny, try to get healthy and happy…..:-D

Sending love and sunshine to you all,


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