Skinny Fiber Girl – Angela !

Angela 16 months Skinny Fiber

This is Angela, our newest success story, my personal Skinny Fiber Girl ! She really rocked her world, changed her life in more than one way and found a new happier self on this journey.

But, here comes her story with her own voice:

Hi! My name is Angela I have always struggled with my health and weight… I have had several cancer scares, problems with my knees, organs wanting to quit on me, asthma, low self esteem, depression… grrrrrr!

But I just wanted to share with you my latest realization of what has transpired over the last few years in my journey to a healthier new me!! Most of you that know me, know I was bed ridden 16 months ago. I disappeared off the face of the earth to go and hide and have a couple surgeries that were pretty serious and to be honest with you, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be here today…

But here I am .. 16 months later. I walk on my own, breath on my own, I am free from tumors, off of all of my meds (accept for my asthma inhaler) A GIRL HAS TO BREATH hahahaha and I am feeling the best that I can, well, ever remember.

I started taking Skinny Fiber 16 months ago….. since then, I am no longer considered borderline diabetic, my cholesterol is that of a vegetarian and just last week I received my tests back from my ct and ultra sound and my liver has just……. healed itself.

I have done some extra things to feel better about myself, like eating more whole foods,(but you can clearly see the pizza box in the picture hahahaha) and I try to stay active… but 16 months ago, I could barely walk.

I’m not saying that Skinny Fiber is a miracle pill, and I am not saying that “skinny” is even the thing for me! I happen to love my new body and my curves!!!! but had I not found Skinny Fiber, who knows how I would feel about myself today.

To me, the number on the scale is just a number. I threw my scale away a long time ago… it’s how I feel inside, and when I look in the mirror at what I see, and I like the new me If changing your life looked like this picture, would you do it? I personally recommend it! BAM! (((hugs)))

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I always love such success stories, but this one is extremly amazing. This is the new Skinny Fiber Girl for me, Angela ! What a brave girl ! BTW, i threw away my scale some years ago, just because i had developped a habit of stepping on it up to 100 times a day…. It was absolutely insane.

What about you? Is your scale your friend? I prefer measuring my body to find out about the progress. Read my story HERE

How do you find out about your progress? Do you have any tips for us? Please leave a comment below, i will be more than happy to chat with you….:-)

As always your friend,




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