Skinny Fiber experiences – Tanya´s diary (4)

Holy Moly…what a girl ! I´m so proud of my little girl, accomplishing so much in her life at the moment. Not only losing weight, but moving and actually doing things, helping friends and most of all, doing this videos. To be so selfconfident to film and cut this stuff, doing all by yourself – that´s great!

So, here come the adventures of the week, new measurements, new ideas and a different point of view concerning food:



You see, losing weight is not only about losing pounds and dropping inches. It´s mostly about learning a different lifestyle, a different way of eating and getting out of the corner as an emotional eater. There´s much work to do, when you want to change your habits, even more, when you want to change them forever. There´s no way of letting someone else doing the hard work…´s like Jim Rohn says:

You can´t hire someone to do your push-ups !

So, get up from your couch, do something about it. Life is wonderful, full of loving and caring people, it´s exciting….and it´s worth it !

In case you want to know more about Skinny Fiber, look here: INFOS

As always, if you need help, want to knnow something personally, just ask, i will be more then happy to help !

Have a wonderful day


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