Slow metabolism in winter ?

I don´t know if it´s a fairy tale, but many people are complaining, that their metabolism slows down in winter. Can that be the reason for gaining weight? So, what does it mean, slow metabolism ?

Well, in some cases it´s an illness, coming from a disfunctional thyroid production, so that your body is getting really slow in his processes. ALL of them ! This includes the loss of hair and not growing hair, as well as the nutritious part. You can even get depressed of it, in the worst case.

But what about the winter? Our lovely wonderful winterwonderland, will it do any harm? Look at the beautiful picture below, isn´t it lovely?


This is near the place i call home…:-)…it´s wonderful !

BUT, what are you doing on this days, even when they are sunny and beautiful? Most people will go for a walk, when they are younger, they will play in the snow with their kids, maybe doing some sports. After beeing exhausted from all that, nothing would be better then a hot cup of tea, coffee or cocoa. And there, the magic starts…..with the tea, coffee and the cocoa comes a cookie, a bisquit or a piece of cake along. Nobody knows how, it just happens..;-)

I wonder, how many of those people drinking that tea, coffee or cocoa will do the same in summer ? When it´s hot, you mostly don´t like such stuff , you´ll eat fruits or frozen yoghurt, some low calorie sweet, cause you want to look good in summer!

But you see, “summerbodies are made in winter” ! That sentence is so true !

Yes, when the lights are going on early, the sun rises late and its cold, we are not moving as much as in summer. Our metabolism is trained on not spending too much energy in this times, so we will survive the cold, dark time. This comes from our ancestors, and it work well for mankind for more then 100.00 years.


So, our metabolism is going down in wintertime, BUT it´s not written in stone, that is has to do so !

You can do something about it. Take time to move your body, go to the gym, or take a walk with the dog, the kids or yor spouse. Every little action sums up, believe me. Avoid carbs in the afternoon or in the evening, especially, when you´re a woman, we have a different reaction on some things, our body was made to give birth to children, so we store fat a lot better than men.

Whenever the sun is shining, GO OUTSIDE ! It´s magical what it does to your health, the mental one as well as the physical one.

Whenever the sun is NOT shining, GO OUTSIDE ! ´Cause it´s shining nonetheless, and it´s important, that your body produces vitamin D, that´s the vitamin that´s responsible for your good mood….:-)…and protects us from winterdepression!

Listen to good music and dance, swap food, that´s overloaded with fat and sugar to a healthier choice, if you don´t know how to do that, ask, i´ll be glad to help you!

To you success in losing weight -  Janine

If you´ve got a good idea, what to do to speed up your metabolism in winter, let me know…:-)…i´ll be happy to learn your tricks!

Leave a comment below, if you like !

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2 thoughts on “Slow metabolism in winter ?

  1. I like that quote “summer bodies are made in winter”! Very true indeed!

    I’ve been trying to lose some weight in the past months but without success… maybe it’s because of that darn winter metabolism!

    You have a very interesting site! Greets from Holland 🙂

    • Janine

      Thanks for the compliment, Sandra. I´ve struggled for so long with losing weight and now, in my late 40´s, i´ve found something, that works for me. So don´t be sad, you´ve done the best you can, i´m sure of that…..:-)….would love to hear more of your story and if i can help with anything, just ask ! I´ll be more than glad to give you a hand.- Janine
      BTW, when you liked the Motivational quotes, check out my fb-fanpage: Fans of Skinny-Me, you´ll find lots of tricks and tips there !

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