Watch your Drinking…!

Watch you drinking habits ! But Why ?

Everyone is telling you this: Watch your drinking habits, drink more water, no alcohol, no sugar.breakfastsmoothie

Well, to tell the truth it´s not only about the calories. Yes, those are counting up, but it´s about your body and your blood sugar. You see, when you´re drinking soda and eating chocolate, sweets, or other processed, high calorie food, your blood sugar is skyrocking. This attacks your body, it really stresses him, he has to pack away all that sugar, into the fatcells. That´s what happening on the first part.

On the second part, AFTER all the sugar is packed away, your body will get hungry again, cause it´s used to that amount of sugar, the blood sugar falls into the deep, as deep as it skyrocket in the first place. You´re craving for sugar, and, guess what, you are eating sweets or mostly, you are drinking soda again….this happens ALL THE TIME !

Can you image the damage, we are doing to ourself with those drinking habits?

There are many pics, on which you can visualize how much sugar there is in your preferred drink. You would never, never eat so much sugar cubes ! What would happen, if you just change those drinks to a diet soda? Isn´t that a really good idea? Great, we can drink what we like and just don´t get too much sugar…..sounds great, huh ?

Well, that´s correct…in one way, because of getting rid of the sugar, but there are so many chemicals in those diet sodas, that you´ll damage you health even more!

Studies are trying to figure out, which ingredients are attacking our body most. Nearly all of us have heard about aspartame…this is a great enemy, responsible for many side effects in our body, inclusing muscle spasm, dizziness,loss of taste and mostly weight gain ! Yes, it´s a fact, that drinking diet soda with aspartame can produce weight gain for several reasons.

But one of the main points is, not only that we´re used to give our body so much sugar, that it´s almost addicted to it, in our soul and on the mental level, sugar = the sweetness of life. That´s an unknown fact to many people. THAT´S the main reason, why people are not able to let those drinks go.

So, what can we do about it? First, you have to be aware of all the facts, maybe read a bit more about it, and asking yourself, which part am i able to change first. When you´re not changing anything, including your drinking habits, nothing will change, no weight, no situation, no health issue.detox water

But you see, the fact that you´ve read this article shows, that you are thinking about it, trying to find a solution……maybe you can stop drinking sugar in your tea or your coffee. In some cases Water with a little splash of juice is the answer….or you quit all those drinks and start drinking healthy water, like it is going out of fashion…..:-)…this would be the most effectiv way !

But you like sweet drinks? Oh, i know…just make a deal with yourself, maybe drinking water all day and in the evening you´ll enjoy a sweet smoothie, sweet from fruits and juices, wouldn´t that be nice? And when you´re drinking soda, or diet soda, please be at least aware of what you´re doing.

Like to read more about health and weight loss, or need a little bit of motivation for your day?

Just look around and if you´ve got any questions, i´ll be more than happy to help, just leave a comment below !

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