Weight loss before after – my update for 90 days….:-)

Here is my weight loss before after update ! WOWOOOOOhh ! I´m so happy, and i´m proud, you can tell !

Skinny Fiber saved my life! It´s exact 90 days, since i took my first capsules, i tried very hard, but missed them here and there, but not very often.

I`ve lost 31 pounds and countless inches….:-D…it´s amazing ! This stuff really works ! I tried to lose weight for nearly all my life, but at some point i swore to myself, that i would never go on diet again. AND i´m not on diet !!! I´m watching my portions ( a bit..;-) ), taking my capsules twice a day half an hour before my biggest meals and finally got rid nearly of all the sweets. And that´s really awesome, cause i love sweets and treats so much. But now i can say: i loved..it´s nearly gone, can you believe that?

I would have done much better, i guess, when i added excercises to my daily routine, but that´s the next to change in my second 90 day challenge.

But a picture says more than 1000 words, so here we go:90 days Compare

Sure, as i took the left foto, i knew, that the shirt was looking horrible and was far too short, but there has been a time i coud have worn it, so i chose it to make a clear statement, where i want to go.

I didn´t changed much in my eating habits, just the portions became smaller, and my cravings for sweets is nearly gone. There are some nice side effect from Skinny Fiber for me, i didn´t expected:

1. I sleep so much better, don´t go to the bathroom several times at night

2. Nearly from the first day on, my left knee wasn´t hurting as much as before

3. I´m in a happy mood, my selfconfidence is growing, slowly but surely and my hubby is happy about that….:-)

At the moments, i´m so happy, i could cry like a baby…..my daughter started her first 90 day challenge today, after she has seen my results, she wants to lose 20 pounds till summer, i´m sure, with a bit of dedication she will reach her goal.

If you have any question about my journey, or you need help in any way, concerning weight loss, feel free to leave a comment, ask and i will be more than happy to give you a hand.

If you want to know more about this wonderful product, click here: Skinny Fiber

Life I love you – I´m back….:-)

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