Weight loss motivation !

I never felt so good in the last years like i do now with Skinny Fiber, period. And i thought, well, maybe it´s just me, maybe others are not feeling that way. I was totally wrong! You may know, or not know that Skinny Fiber was on TV, a morning show, called “The Balancing Act” and there were some amazing people to speak about their experiences and their personal weight loss story. One of them was Jacky Stewart and here´s what she´s got to say:

When you are like me, a late 40 women, struggling with some hormon issues and simply getting older…:-)…you want a solution. Not an overnight success, there is no such thing, but a decent way to feel good, look good and be healthy on your way, while losing weight.

Well, for me Skinny Fiber is that solution. As i watched this video, i could only think, how this woman touches my heart, i felt just the same. To look back and to know, that there was a solution for nearly all my sorrows a long time ago, is hard.

I only wished i had started two years earlier. Do i lose weight? Yes! Is it happening in a magic and stunning way? No! But it´s working. I´m making progress, a slow, but real good progress. I´ve come to a point, where people, friends, relatives who haven´t seen me for a longer time, start asking, if i had lost some weight….:-D…and i like it! I like it so much!

What do you have to lose, except of weight? What are you waiting for? Every day you wait, is one day you regret.

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As always, i love to help and will answer all of your questions as soon as possible, your friend


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